Mape CNC Machines manufactures High speed Drilling & Routing machines and Laser-cutting machines for the general "fine-cut" Industry as well as the Printed Circuit Board Industry.

Founded in 1975, Mape is still the market leader in cost-effective Drilling- and Routing machines that are easy to operate, and to maintain. Mape machines are designed for the fast turn-around, prototype and medium size production.


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Mape's programme is expanded with a new Ink Jet Printing system via our sister company, Microna Ink Jet Systems ApS. Together with the new Laser cutting division, we have created two new business areas from which we have very high expectations. With the new products we are confident to stay at the forefront in the highly competitive market for advanced machine tools for the PCB Industry.

The CNC-1 is a modular, highly flexible production machine for Drilling and Routing of PCB's. Ideal for prototype, quick turn-around production. Also available as special router for "populated boards".

The new Mape CNC-2000XL machine with laser measuring. Simply the most productive 2-spindle drilling / routing machine on the market. Also available as dedicated Routing machine.

NEW: Mape "LaserCut-6060", 3rd generation of high precision, dedicated laser cutting machines for SMT stencils.