Troubleshooting_1.0 Axis Movement

1.1. X- or Y-axis: There can be several reasons for one of the workplanes not to move according to the CNC.

The most likely reasons are:

1.2: Faulty axis drive board (SD5 = “ServoDrive5Amperes”), blown fuse (5A fastblow), blown semiconductors (FET and or PIC). This faulty condition causes the axis to be completely at standstill. No axis movement is possible.

1.3: On older machines only: Faulty female connector of the CNC back panel and or the male connector of the axis drives. This causes an intermittent problem in obtaining the correct position of the machine.

1.5 Z-axis: If the problem is consistent, the most likely reason is, that the Z-axis drive board is faulty, please refer to point 1.2. This will prevent the Z-axis to move up on power-on, hereby causing the display not to make any readout, except for a single flashing cursor. This is due to the software start-up sequence, that will await the z-axis end stop sensor to be triggered before making any display readout.

1.0 Axis Movement